I’m lazy, didn’t know if you could tell by my headlines and blog, but I’m extremely lazy.  I’m a homebody so I love automation and not having to do things more than once or have it streamlined.

Now it’s difficult to automate tasks such as vacuuming floors, folding laundry, but I think eventually they will be fulfilled by machines. As for now, we got to do all of those ourselves, but there are other tasks that we can have automated and done on autopilot.

For instance, washing dishes and washing clothes have been automated. Let’s talk about other things though, how about smart tv’s that have been recent;y invented. Amazon also released Nest, which is a smart home system. I see this invention taking over households and that’s certainly what Amazon wants. The same as Facebook wants you to spend the majority of your time on their site. Google has also launched a similar system to Nest, which is called Google Home. Amazon Nest and Google Home are now competing with each other to be present in your home. What will be next, robots fulfilling your chores for you?

Think of the cartoon, The Jetson’s, a family that lives in the future with flying cars and floating homes. They have a family robot named Rosie who is their robot maid. I feel like that’s the future and may know it as well. Where do we stop though? Or will we stop? A.I. is something that many tech entrepreneurs are afraid of because of the potential dangers for our future.

Stay tuned for next post…