Tim Ferris is becoming a household name for his ability to help people escape the rat race and sharing his tips on creating “muses”, micro-businesses that are set on autopilot to generate passive income. He recently came out with his new book, Tool of Titans, that he wrote because he wanted to share tips on how to take control of your life from tips by extremely successful entrepreneurs, artists, best-selling authors, and the like.

I’ve read his three past books and took what I needed from each. He is a master at productivity and he structures his life strategically for the maximum effect on his life. I haven’t bought Tool of Titans just yet, but I feel like it can give me tips for being productive while at home. Since I’m a homebody and love to work from home, I feel like I can find his book useful. It’s useful for everybody and will be useful for the one struggling to get their business and life together.

I’ll include a video at the end of this post where he goes through some tips. I really found the video useful, but then again I find everything Ferris writes as a huge help in my life.

You see many people, including myself, get what Ferris calls “analysis paralysis”, where we have a hundred things to do and it makes us busy, but not productive. There is a big difference between those two concepts and until we recognize them, we’ll be more busy than productive. Productivity will increase our efforts and efficiency and being “busy” is just a state of losing one’s mind. In my opinion, when I’m busy, I’m having a tough time what I should exactly be working on. I debate what task is the most important and what needs to be done first. Remember in my last post where I discussed how I should make a list of the 5 most important tasks? Well, for some people they have a tough time trying to decide what exactly is important. That’s where Tim can help you out. If you want to get his book, I suggest getting it on Amazon, or stop by your nearest Barnes and Noble and read the fist chapter. I guarantee you’ll never be disappointed by Tim’s work. Cheers!

Here’s the video…