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How To Live as a Productive Homebody

Author: Gertrude Curtis

Automation at Home

I’m lazy, didn’t know if you could tell by my headlines and blog, but I’m extremely lazy.  I’m a homebody so I love automation and not having to do things more than once or have it streamlined.

Now it’s difficult to automate tasks such as vacuuming floors, folding laundry, but I think eventually they will be fulfilled by machines. As for now, we got to do all of those ourselves, but there are other tasks that we can have automated and done on autopilot.

For instance, washing dishes and washing clothes have been automated. Let’s talk about other things though, how about smart tv’s that have been recent;y invented. Amazon also released Nest, which is a smart home system. I see this invention taking over households and that’s certainly what Amazon wants. The same as Facebook wants you to spend the majority of your time on their site. Google has also launched a similar system to Nest, which is called Google Home. Amazon Nest and Google Home are now competing with each other to be present in your home. What will be next, robots fulfilling your chores for you?

Think of the cartoon, The Jetson’s, a family that lives in the future with flying cars and floating homes. They have a family robot named Rosie who is their robot maid. I feel like that’s the future and may know it as well. Where do we stop though? Or will we stop? A.I. is something that many tech entrepreneurs are afraid of because of the potential dangers for our future.

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Productivity by Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is becoming a household name for his ability to help people escape the rat race and sharing his tips on creating “muses”, micro-businesses that are set on autopilot to generate passive income. He recently came out with his new book, Tool of Titans, that he wrote because he wanted to share tips on how to take control of your life from tips by extremely successful entrepreneurs, artists, best-selling authors, and the like.

I’ve read his three past books and took what I needed from each. He is a master at productivity and he structures his life strategically for the maximum effect on his life. I haven’t bought Tool of Titans just yet, but I feel like it can give me tips for being productive while at home. Since I’m a homebody and love to work from home, I feel like I can find his book useful. It’s useful for everybody and will be useful for the one struggling to get their business and life together.

I’ll include a video at the end of this post where he goes through some tips. I really found the video useful, but then again I find everything Ferris writes as a huge help in my life.

You see many people, including myself, get what Ferris calls “analysis paralysis”, where we have a hundred things to do and it makes us busy, but not productive. There is a big difference between those two concepts and until we recognize them, we’ll be more busy than productive. Productivity will increase our efforts and efficiency and being “busy” is just a state of losing one’s mind. In my opinion, when I’m busy, I’m having a tough time what I should exactly be working on. I debate what task is the most important and what needs to be done first. Remember in my last post where I discussed how I should make a list of the 5 most important tasks? Well, for some people they have a tough time trying to decide what exactly is important. That’s where Tim can help you out. If you want to get his book, I suggest getting it on Amazon, or stop by your nearest Barnes and Noble and read the fist chapter. I guarantee you’ll never be disappointed by Tim’s work. Cheers!

Here’s the video…

My 5-Step Daily Ritual

Not too long ago we had to move a few things to storage because our place was getting out of control and crowded. We usually do everything ourselves because we plan our days strategically and so we can get the most amount of things done. We dislike having to wait and we dislike working with people that don’t stay true to their word. Here are some steps I take to get my day going.

  1. We get up early in the morning and start a pot of coffee. I love to read in the morning because it gets me ready for the day. Reading a good book and drinking some coffee is my daily ritual. I got into having a ritual when I noticed that if I didn’t, then I’d be staring at my phone for an hour every morning. I wrote about that in my last post, about how you should keep your phone away from your bed at night to keep yourself from doing the very same thing. Well, now I found out that a daily ritual definitely helps me.
  2. About an hour of reading, I’m ready to start breakfast for myself and for anyone who also wants to eat at that time. If there is anything that needs to be done around the house, then I make sure I get the most important done first. I recently got this idea from another writer who put together a piece explaining how putting together a list of 20 tasks and then narrowing it down into a top 5 list really helps with your schedule. He found out that the list of 20 was what people normally do to waste time. We create distractions around our life and it stops us from completing the important things. I find this to be true because I also tend to clean around the house when there was something else that needed to be done right away. The house cleaning was just a distraction from the important task. House cleaning was important too, but it could wait.
  3. After you’re done with one task, take a 5-minute break and start the next task on the list. I needed to move things to a storage unit and I said I love to do things myself. The problem is that with my tight schedule, I needed help so I decided to hire people. The moving was the 4th task on my list but since I knew it’d take awhile, I decided to call some Austin movers and then get right down to the second task while waiting. It worked out perfectly because I finished my second and third tasks just in time. I always advise people to manage their time effectively. The most successful people in the world know how to manage their time perfectly.
  4. If your 5 tasks are finished before noon, you can start the other tasks from the original 20 or you can pick 5 from them for tomorrow’s list and waste the whole day. I said I was a homebody and I love to waste time, but I also love to be productive and get stuff done. If you do start some more tasks, then it is important to take the fifth step.
  5. The fifth step is to take a nap before you so any more tasks. 30-60 minute naps are ideal, no more and no less. It is important to take a nap before you start other tasks. If you don’t start the other tasks, then don’t take a nap and instead get outside, work out, get sweaty and tired. Follow your normal day routine, visit friends or family because in the morning you’ll need to get up and do the same thing. I like to read at night and write down my list for the next morning.

I recommend starting these five steps with a friend, family member, or partner so you can both be on the same page. You two can practice with the same list, mix & match, or have two completely different lists and get back together in the afternoon. It works wonderfully and until I find a better way to start my day, I’ll keep using these 5 steps. If you don’t, you’ll start being like I was before…

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