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Hiring a Moving Company

Moving can be complicated especially after years of accumulating too much that you can’t pack and move by yourself. While there are many moving companies that can be hired for the job not all can be trusted. First, you are not ready to allow your baby grand piano to be handled by a stranger. The question here is: how are you going to choose a reputable mover that you can trust? You need to do your own research and plan in order to avoid moving scams.

The reputation of a moving company is the first thing you ought to consider. This will save you valuable time and money. However, note that a great reputation attracts great rates as well. If you have to take only one tip then consider reputation. Here are questions you can ask yourself while hiring a moving company:

  • What level of experience does the moving company have in the business?

In other words, find out the period of time the moving company has been in business. Experience is very important since you can look at the mover’s track record and see for yourself the ability of the company to deliver. For example, you may ask if the moving company has moved countless kids’ clay handprints.

  • Is the moving company licensed and insured?

If you are moving from state to state be sure to hire a company that has a US DOT number which is valid. This number is usually a unique license issued by the Department of Transportation. If you are just moving within your state confirm whether the company has a state license. Hiring a moving company that doesn’t have license number or an insurance is not a good idea. It is not wrong or an offense to request the company to provide you with policy number as well as the name of the insurance company.

  • Does the moving company possess and use their own equipment?

There are companies that will hire a sub-contractor after they are given the job. Find out if another company will be used to provide the service. Be sure to ask for the name of the company and their record.  

  • Are there any reviews about the company online?

You can see the company’s reputation from the reviews.

  • What is included in their rates?

It is essential that you study the rates. Note that lower rates won’t necessarily mean you’ll pay a low final bill. Ask if fuel charges have been incorporated in the rates. Some companies offer their rates depending on the days of the week and seasons. Look at the reviews and see the company’s reputation.

  • Do they care about the surroundings and the community?

If yes, then chances are they will be concerned about you and your move.

  • Does the moving company have questions for you?

This is very important. A reputable company will want a few answers from your side. If this doesn’t happen yet you are being given an estimate run.

If you have a long distance move, let the company inspect your belongings before providing a quote. Provide precise information to the mover about the location of your residence (old and new). Asking friends,, local real estate agents, and coworkers can help you find a reputable moving company. However, after getting a list of recommended moving companies, do your screening.

How to Find a Reputable Remodeling Contractor

The most challenging part when it comes to home renovation projects is not even the work to be done, it’s how to find a contractor that is competent and reliable. This is because there are so many remodeling companies with different levels and degrees of expertise and experience. It is important to hire a reputable remodeling contractor for your home improvement project. A good contractor is more likely to deliver better results especially if you have major remodels such as basement remodels, room additions, and complete renovations.

Choosing the right contractor for your project will help you to avoid the hassle associated with the job. The best thing you can do before reaching out to contractors for quotes is to do a research on what your project requires. Simply find out what you want the contractor to do. Here are several tips on how to find a reputable remodeling contractor:

  • Find out what you want.

Do not talk to the contractor before having a plan and some ideas about what you want done. The only way you can get a more accurate estimate is by being specific about what should be done. Know the materials that are needed as well.

  • Ask for recommendations from neighbors, relatives, and friends.

The best contractors will always have plenty of satisfied customers. Neighbors who have had project that are similar to yours can be the best source. As for referrals from coworkers, relatives, friends, or employees of local hardware stores. Remember that none of these people will simply pass by your house and inform you about the contractor that made them happy. It is up to you to go and look for them.

  • Interview the contractors

Once you’ve found some referrals, ask questions to find out more about the companies. Compare bids and don’t be afraid to negotiate. Find out if the contractor is licensed and insured. It is not advisable to hire a contractor that arrives late for their appointment or seems disorganized. Experience is very important. Look at the period of time the company has been in business and the reviews available online.

  • Select the right contractor for your project.

A contractor might have done a satisfying job in your neighborhood but that doesn’t qualify them for your project. You need to choose a remodeling contractor that routinely does projects similar to the one you want done.

  • Go through online reviews  and check references

Google and Yelp can provide you with some reviews about the contractor. This will help you make the right decision. Checking references involves talking to clients who experience working with the company. This is very important because it will help you know if the contractor will work well with you.

  • Find out what if the contractor will hire subcontractors or other companies

Some companies claim to have employees yet they are not there. Ask the contractor to provide you with a list of employees to make sure he is saying the truth. This will help you avoid a disaster since the contractor could be planning to hire casual labor off the street.

A good contractor will be ready to respond to all your concerns and questions without any problems. In fact, most will be happy to deal with someone who is interested in finding quality service for their project. If you find a contractor who is not willing or gives you a hard time responding to your questions they might not be trustworthy.

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